12 Feb

I’d like to introduce the remotenames extension I’ve been working on. It is derived from Augie Fackler’s remotebranches extension. This extension keeps track of remote branches and remote bookmarks. Built on top of the namespaces API in Mercurial, it requires[…]

15 Jul

After a bit of work, I just sent my first attempt to get diff working with a memory context. My basic idea was as follows: make memctx inherit from workingctx so that it gets all the goodness of a regular[…]

15 Jun

I’m happy to report that I’ve been selected as a Google Summer of Code student for Mercurial! It was even announced on the mercurial-devel mailing list, so it’s all official and everything! I’ll be posting here about my progress as[…]

1 Jun

I guess it’s finally time to admit that I won’t be coming back to developing this plugin. The builtin Facebook sharing in Aperture does 90% of what I need so the motivation just isn’t there. Plus, as far as I[…]

21 Apr

This is a quick update to let everyone know what was happening with this particular error (I know. There are many bugs in the plugin. I hope to be able to use the ‘new’ Facebook Graph API and release the[…]

12 Jun

A new version is finally here! This is completely rewritten from scratch and comes with a load of fixes. A few things to note: The name mapping feature is missing. I don’t really plan to bring it back until Aperture[…]

11 Jun

If it isn’t abundantly clear, this is just a heads up that I’ve made a new website and switched to using WordPress instead of Blogger. This is all in anticipation of the newest version of the plugin which is about[…]

7 Jul

I went ahead and posted a new version for the people that wanted watermark support.

6 Jul

This is a quick update to post the new fix for the loading of metadata. No longer will you have to do the crazy instructions as listed below. I honestly didn’t think that I would be able to fix it[…]

3 Jul

This has been a long time in the making. Apologies to the people that emailed me with plug-in errors. There are major changes to this version. The biggest change is the switch to the newest version of MKAbeFook. New features[…]