26 Jun

This is a quick fix for the previous version. There were two errors when exporting. First, it tagged all the images before exporting making it appear it might be hung on the first image. Second, I wasn’t actually saving the[…]

26 Jun

Sorry for the long wait for this version. It has two new features and two bug fixes: Added automatic login Added retention of non-Facebook names in your tag list Fixed tagging of people not in Facebook upload error Fixed if[…]

23 May

This is a big update. Some things have been totally redone in the plugin: Settings for mapping Facebook friends to Aperture keywords Add the ‘Facebook’ keyword to uploaded photos No longer is there a choice in what type of photo[…]

4 May

Just a quick update to announce that version 0.2 is out for the Facebook Exporter for Aperture. Changes Fixed ‘return’ button being captured Sort the list with friends already tagged to the top

30 Apr

Modifying the iPhoto plugin released by Facebook, I made this (very buggy) plugin. I can not overstate that this first version has some (annoying) issues: Upload progress bar is not displayed without crashing Aperture Return button is not captured for[…]